Backup and Recovery

We back up full systems quickly and expertly recover from IT disasters should they occur to ensure you do not lose time or valuable data.

Do you have a plan in pace should you experience a loss of data due to hardware failure or malicious cyber-attack? How long would it take you to recover or restore your data – and do you even have access to up to date backups? How much would the downtime cost your business?

Protect all your digital assets and your business with a hybrid-cloud backup and recovery system from humanit.

Give yourself peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that you have protection with a fast, simple, and reliable solution. Our backup and disaster recovery features cost effective, with per-device pricing for servers and workstations.

We use True Delta technology, which means backups are lightweight and fast. This enables more frequent backups and more precise recovery points in the event of a disaster.

We also employ a backup accelerator, which automatically tracks changes to large files in between backups. This shortens backup windows improving performance.

You may choose to extend beyond our standard retention model to help ensure compliance with multiple data archiving policies.

There are a number of options for disaster recovery. We can automatically update a virtual standby server which is immediately ready should the need arise.

We can also restore a physical or virtual server backup to a virtual machine. We natively support VMware, Hyper-V, Azure, and Amazon virtual machines.

Our backup and disaster recovery architecture automatically chooses the fastest source to recover both physical and virtual servers.

Outstanding Security
The security of your back up is as important as your live data.  Data encryption takes place at source before transfer over secure connections to a certified data centre in the cloud. We use the latest and most secure AES 256-bit encryption available.

Data decryption only occurs back on your site in the event of disaster recovery.

We use multiple SSAE compliant and ISO-certified data centers located globally.