Managed Risk and Security

If your business is governed by regulatory compliance acts, then you know an audit means stress, additional expense and could threaten your business.

At humanit, we have the technology and the expertise to prepare HIPAA, PCIDSS, GDPR, or other major compliance reports for you on a monthly basis. We can advise on your situation and put a project plan in place if you are not currently compliant.

Take control of your IT environment and start breathing easy. Do not be afraid of an audit… be ready for it!

Be Prepared with Support and Guidance from the Experts

Our highly trained staff will ensure that your reports are prepared to regulatory requirements and they will take the time to make sure you understand them.

Secure Sensitive Client Data

What would happen to your business or your reputation if you experienced a data breach? Ensuring you meet regulatory compliance requirements reduces your risk and exposure.

Address issues quickly

Running the reports monthly means you have time to address issues and put them behind you. Do not wait for an audit to happen because then you are paying the fines and the project bills at the same time.

Reduce operating costs

Failure to meet regulatory requirements can lead to hefty fines. Identifying and eliminating these risks will save you money.

Total peace of mind

Let humanit, help prepare your business for the inevitable regulatory compliance audit. Be ready, confident and compliant.